farm to table

A Book that Begins in an Orchard…



fruit pieNow that’s farm-to-table!

Some books just stay with you. Each Peach Pear Plum, aimed at the very young, first debuted in 1978, 25 years after I was the right age to have it read to me. But when I discovered it as a university student studying early childhood education, it became an instant favorite and has remained at the top of my list of classic picture books. If it isn’t already, it just may become a favorite for you and your children too.

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Kids, Farms & Farmers: Oh Yeah!


U-Pick, Farmers’ Markets & CSAs: Fresh from the Farm

U-Pick Broccoli Sign

Farm-to-Table. It’s all the rage–and with good reason.

For starters, local food tastes better! It’s fresh-picked at its peak and delivered to your table in minimal time.

Food that comes from somewhere else has been transported on trucks, trains or planes and stored in warehouses before it finally gets to you–not so fresh any more.

Eating local benefits communities, farmers and the environment as well as our tastebuds. Grow NYC, a nonprofit that supports greenmarkets in New York City, tells how here.

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