My Art

For many years I’ve expressed my creativity through the written word, and I’ve taken great delight in donning my tiara in hundreds of schools, bookstores, and libraries, encouraging kids and grownups alike to lose themselves in story — and to find delight in writing stories of their own.

Then came the pandemic and a world turned on end. Traveling as a visiting author was no longer viable, and I started to feel that in this upside-down, post-truth world, words weren’t doing it for me anymore. Anxious and disheartened, I came to a point where I knew something needed to change. I needed to find a way back to myself — back to delight. So I turned my hand to making art, and iDelight Graphic was born.

My goal, even when it isn’t easy, is to find delight in every day. My mission is the same it’s always been: to express that delight creatively, and to encourage others to express their own delight in ways that feed their souls. Creativity is its own reward!

Two Spirits
10" x 8" giclee print on archival paper from original digital art. Matted and framed to 14" x 11". $95
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In an homage to my life as a writer, my first artwork began with favorite words and phrases typed onto a digital canvas, manipulated, cut, pasted, and rearranged to form abstract and figurative designs. Other pieces begin with geometric shapes created and colored digitally, or with an original cut-paper composition, a painting, or a photo, all digitally manipulated to create something new.

My original digital designs are printed on archival paper, canvas, or aluminum in a giclée process, using pigment-based inks designed to last for many decades. Some prints are also embellished with acrylic paint to create one-of-a-kind works of art. And I’m working on a suite of fabric designs as well!

If you have questions or comments or wish to purchase art, please contact me directly through the website or leave a message at 206-465-1168. Meanwhile, enjoy!