Barbara Jean Hicks, Children’s Book Author

I never asked to be a queen—

And I certainly didn’t start out as a princess!

I was quiet, shy, often tongue-tied as a child—a shrinking violet who avoided crowds, conversation, and especially cameras. I kept my head down. I found cubbyholes where I could hide away and read.

And write, of course.

And then one day—magic! I sold a story I had written. And then another. And another. Thirteen novels and novellas for adults and eight children’s books. So far.

One of my picture books is even about princesses. A pair of very famous princess sisters, in fact—Anna and Elsa of Arendelle. Maybe you’ve heard of them.

Mayor's ChoiceIt’s just plain crazy that I make my living now not only writing, but speaking.

I deliver programs to crowds of kids, teachers, librarians, writers, readers. I find myself at community events and festivals where hundreds of kids and parents come to hear me read, have books signed, and (horror of horrors) take pictures! Of me. Wearing a gown and tiara. It’s out of my hands.

I simply am the Queen.

Since you’ve found your way to my palace, come on in. Please. Feel free to poke around. Visit my library to see the books I’ve written, the pressroom to find out how I ended up a queen. Join me in the playroom for videos, coloring pages, fun activities. Sit down in my kitchen to find out who’s helping the Queen eat healthy, and how. (Plus food art, coloring pages, fun facts, and kid-friendly recipes.) Send me a note. Take the secret passage to my Facebook page and “Friend” me! Invite me to your school, your conference, your bookstore, your celebration. I hope to meet you in person very soon.

Happy Exploring—

Barbara Jean the Story Queen


Detail, “Vegetable Medley.” © Ben Mann 2016.
Visit my blog (THE QUEEN IS IN THE KITCHEN) for more of Ben’s gorgeous art!



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